Nicole Aguilar



San Bruno, CA

About Me

In 2009, a move to California allowed me to embrace a new lifestyle. After changing my diet and losing weight, I was ready to keep the positive changes happening and researched many ways to keep my life as chemical free as possible. I was introduced to Young Living after a Facebook inquisition if there was anything out there that would help me sleep. (Falling asleep was easy, staying asleep, was the issue) A friend put me in touch with one of the Young Living distributors and the rest is history. Here I am, better rested, and introducing oils into my every day life any way that I can. It only took a few drops to make me a believer and I’m eager to help others live happy and naturally.

My Favorite Oil

Frankincense! Frankincense! Frankincense!(Can you feel my excitement?) I honestly can’t say enough about it. It calms my very busy mind, helps me connect with the universe during meditation, eases me to sleep, and has done wonders for my skin. I like to call it ‘The Oily Fountain of Youth”.

First Oil Success

My first success with oils was a mixture of Frankincense, Lavender, and Cedarwood. An anxious mind and sleeping is not a good mix for anyone, so when I noticed my sleep cycles becoming shorter and shorter, I needed to do something to stop the tossing and turning. The night I received my diffuser, I dropped in the “sleeping mix” and woke up the next morning a brand new person.

Join Me In Apothecary Society

Apothecary Society is a secret Facebook group with thousands of people who are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, send me a Facebook message or click the "EMAIL" button below my headshot to request an invitation to the group. See you there!